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Start Together
START is a student organization that encourages students to build up new ventures. StartTogether as a project of START helps you to realize the first step in this way and shows you how to find other people with similar visions.

There are two ways we want to help. Firstly there is a database on this home page with profiles. It works like this: If you have a vision, an idea or something similar but you need more persons to realize it, you can search them in our database. It is absolutely anonymous and reserved for students only. If you find one or more interesting profiles, you can contact the students behind them directly by mail. On the other hand, if you have competences or at least the will to do and to learn something more than only the stuff in your courses, you can enter a profile of your person.

The other way StartTogether tries to help you are the special events at the ETH where you can learn about other courses and start-ups. It is very important to know what students from other courses really can do, if you want to work together with them. Such an event is a day for about 40 Students. The half of them from one course of studies and the other half from a different one. In the morning they will be separated and hear a lecture about the course of the others. After a lunch they will hear a lecture from a person already experienced in founding a start-up, and the problems associated with doing so. Then the students work in groups mixed from both courses to find a solution for this. The lecture notes of the events and also a lot of other useful resources are also on this home page.

With StartTogether there is no time pressure. Finding the right people takes time. Bring your ideas, your visions and your abilities together and take advantage of them!

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