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Start Together
This page contains some resources or links to websites concerning the problem of team building. Please help us to complete this section by sending us your documents and links to

Lecture notes of the StartTogether Events

You will soon find the lecture notes of the StartTogether Events here.

Documents from variable sources

The management mating game. Psychologists, sociologists, and romance advisors of all types have long debated guidelines for selecting the perfect mate. In regard to love and marriage, there's an entire mythology built around the question of whether you should choose your partner based on your similarities or your differences. In business, however, there's no argument. In the management mating game, difference makes all the difference.

Kommunikation. In diesem Kurs lernen Sie die Grundregeln einer erfolgreichen Kommunikation kennen.

What is TeamBuilding. In the late 80s and 90s, 'Team Building' has been recognised by many companies as an important factor in providing a quality service and remaining competitive. Yet the term 'team building' can sometimes seem rather nebulous - people often know that they need it, but aren't quite sure what it is.

Articles from FastCompany

Xtreme Teams. In the new world of business, all work is teamwork but very few teams work all that well. How do groups of ordinary people achieve extraordinary results? Learn from these extreme teams. Your team may never work the same again.

Nobody Likes a Know-It-All. How do you balance the need to know with the need to lead?

Lou Bainbridge Builds Teams. DPR Construction Inc.'s team builder shares how to be collaborative instead of compative.

Powered by the People. Inside Consolidated Diesel's factory, the equipment that's used to make engines looks completely ordinary. But the trust that's used to build teams produces extraordinary results.

Lead Individuals, Not the Group. Bruce Moravec delivers the same basic message to everyone on his team: We're all here to build airplanes. If the plane could talk, what would it tell us to do? And what can we do to make that happen?

Four Rules for Fast Teams. At Cambridge Technology Partners, project teams work fast, but few have worked as fast as Tammy Urban's team. Four tips for managing a high speed, tight deadline project.

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill.You can't build a great company without great people. The problem: How do you know the great people when you see them? Rules for smart hiring from Nucor Steel, Silicon Graphics, and Southwest Airlines.


Team Building. A very extensive list of resources on team building.


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